Location: Shibuya
Venue: TheRoom
Time: 7:00pm-
Price: Donation
Status: Available
13 Jun 2018 Wednesday
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CENTRAL guest vocal なかの綾 [LIVE] CENTRAL 南條 レオ : Bass 西岡 "ヒデロー" 英朗 : Timbales 首藤 晃志 : A.sax and Flute 中野 たいじ : Vocal 及川 浩志 : Bongo and Vocal 木戸 豊 : Keyboards 宮内 岳太郎 : Trombone 栗原 健 : T.sax and Flute 豊田 "ミルキー" 猛裕 : Conga [GUEST VOCAL] なかの綾 [OPEN] 19:00 [CLOSE] 23:00 [CHARGE] Free Entrance / Tip for Music / 1drink order http://el-central.com