2019.11.4 Rickie-G at LIFE MARKET HARBOR CLUB

【RICKIE GENE Acoustic Lounge】Date:2019.11/4(mon)Start:19:30〜Venue:LIFE MARKET HARBOR CLUB(広島)Live:Rickie-GCharRead More

2019.11.3 Rickie-G at 702 CAFE&DINER なんばパークス店

【LIVE Cheers! in OSAKA】Date:2019.11/3(sun)Start:12:30〜Venue:CAFE&DINER なんばパークス店Live:Rickie-GNEIGHBORS COMPRead More

2019.10.30 CENTRAL at 月見ル君想フ

【月見ル15周年記念 CENTRAL presents ‘kind of LOVE 20th Anniversary Special’】Date:2019.10/30(wed)Start:20:00〜Venue:月見ル君Read More

2019.10.27 KAI PETITE×LEO NANJO at Greenroom Garalley

【KAI PETITE ×LEO NANJO DUO at Greenroom Garalley (横浜)】Date:2019.10/27Start:17:00〜Venue:Greenroom Garalley (横浜)Read More

2019.10.26 Rickie-G at こだまの森

【RICKIE GENE “Acoustic Lounge The Camp” at こだまの森 (長野)】Date:2019.10/26~27Start:10:00〜Venue:こだまの森(長野)Live:RickieRead More

2019.10.23 Leyona at SUNDAY

【LEYONA SMMR TOUR 2019】Date:2019.10/23(wed)Start:19:00〜Venue:SUNDAY(甲府)Live:LeyonaCharge:(前売)¥3,500 +1DMore inRead More

2019.10.22 Leyona at CAFE POLKADOT

【LEYONA SMMR TOUR 2019】Date:2019.10/22(tue)Start:20:00〜Venue:cafe polkadot(奈良)Live:LeyonaCharge:(前売)¥3,500 /w1Read More

2019.10.20 Leyona at QUE SERA SERA FESTIVAL

【LEYONA SMMR TOUR 2019】広島 Que Sera Sera Festival presents -WINE DAY OUT-Date:2019.10/20(sun)Start:19:00〜Venue:Read More

2019.10.19 Leyona at サウダーヂな夜

【LEYONA SMMR TOUR 2019】Date:2019.10/19(sat)Start:20:00〜Venue:サウダーヂな夜(岡山)Live:LeyonaCharge:(前売)¥3,500 +1DMore iRead More